Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm Baaaack!

I have been gone for quite awhile. I have been out on the road around the country selling hand held massagers at home shows, boat shows and more. Also have an annual pass to Disney World which enables a Florida resident to go every day if you want. It's near by so my brother and I take a break and enjoy the day at one of the four themes or at Downtown Disney. He likes bowling and they have a beautiful new mammoth bowling center there. I still am keeping tabs on the economy and how to stay ahead of the curve through proper investments such as options and ETF's as well as Internet programs that churn out some good money. I have just come across such a program. If you are only getting 1 or 2% return on your money at the bank or mutual fund, that sucks! We cannot stay ahead of gradual inflation that keeps creeping up on us day by day. There is a new internet company that is paying 125% on shares bought. Yes, that is not a typo. Thy are paying 125%. They share all advertising revenue that comes in (BIG $$$!) with ALL members who have shares. A share costs only $45. I started with 1 share on May 1st and as of today (May 16) I have 23 shares and am gaining an extra share EVERY DAY out of my profits. It's FUN to check in every HOUR or so and see the money accumulating for the day! By the end of June I will have 60 shares which will be worth $675.00 EVERY MONTH! However, I plan to buy, out of those profits, 5 or more shares each month thus increasing my monthly income to as much as I need or want. Or I might wait 90 days for $1012.50 per month or 100 dys for $1125 a month or whatever I want. Email me at for the link and full details. P.S. This is NOT MLM, a HYIP, and you DON'T need to sponsor anyone unless you want and you would receive 10% of any shares they buy for one level only (Remember: this is not a MULTILEVEL program!)