Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will the government try to confiscate Silver?

Question of the Week

Question -- This is the most commonly asked question-- will silver be confiscated? Here are some of my thoughts...

Answer -- So this is what I say to you: Let the United States government try to confiscate silver under the pretext that it is a strategic metal and you will see the biggest meltdown on the Internet that there has ever been. Early in the 20th century, President Franklin Roosevelt confiscated gold and got on the radio and smoothed things over with a fireside chat. But folks, there is no "fireside" anymore.

Let them try this time! I say to you, it will not be so simple, or so easy. The word will spread - the truth will come out. It is a manipulation of silver, not an emergency. It is a grab by bankers and short-sellers, not a patriotic request. We live in an exciting age, my friends, on the cusp of a communications' enlightenment not seen since Gutenberg Press overthrew the ruling hierarchy 500 years ago. How so?

Are we at a similar point again readers? If so, it will only take 10 or so - that is magic of technology (the Internet) which doubles in speed and impact and then doubles again, and again. And we are into the 10 years already. Look for the signs of the thaw - they are all about you. It is no accident that Mexico is considering a silver backed currency (addressed this in the June issue of TMR), or that the Soviet Union has collapsed or that China continues to privatize. People believe these are all dissonant events, unlinked. Only much later will it become clear that we are in the midst of a historical communications revolution that is shattering the most coercive regimes and completely reconfiguring the power structure as we go.

I say to you with absolute conviction that they cannot confiscate this time. They believed that 9/11 would give them the Patriot Act and a great victory in the U.S. for the forces of coercion and arbitrary exercise of power. It has not worked out that way. The forces of liberty, unleashed by the power of the Internet are winning, and will continue to win in this most historic of all decades. Oh, you might not see it that way but remember the biggest--PUSH-- comes right before the fall... Think about GM and how much advertising they are doing now... yet they are toast!

The next five years will go down in history as the decade that shattered the iron grip of socialism and reconfigured the plans of world dominance that all-too-many harbored. Dan Rather is gone. It takes years to subvert liberty - generations in fact need to be "programmed" in a particular way. All that work, several generations worth in this country anyway - dating back at least to the Civil War - is going by the boards now. People are discovering liberty on their own and thinking for themselves.

No, confiscation in this environment will NOT be easy. It will not be clean. People will NOT line up to hand over their silver. Not this time. Not in this day. Not with this Internet!

David Morgan
The Morgan Report

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